budapest sightseeing with professional tour guide

Budapest sightseeing

If a Budapest sightseeing tour sounds appealing to you, let us strengthen your feeling. Why is visiting Budapest with a professional tour guide a great choice? First of all, tour guides are local people, and having a local with you saves you time. Instead of spending your time checking your map or GPS, you can admire historical landmarks and enjoy all the possibilities the city has to offer. You don’t get lost, and you find everything you wish straightaway, which is an advantage in a city of two million inhabitants. In addition, a tour guide knows which taxi you should take, where to change your money, and which restaurant is unbeatable, just to mention a few things you can profit from.

Professional tour guides

So, let’s say you choose to participate in a Budapest sightseeing tour with a tour guide company. There are many types of sightseeing tours offered in Budapest: Some of them are led by young adventurers that would like to make extra money during their studies, and then there are others led by professionals. How can you recognize a professional? A professional tour guide is always wearing his/her license when working. Guides must attend a special course, and they receive their permits after a successful final exam. Professional guides not only know all the urban legends or how to make you laugh, but they have a deep understanding of art, culture, history, and politics—and how these are connected to each other and have influenced the life of the Hungarian people, from centuries ago to today.

The city of Budapest

Budapest is an amazing city that has much to offer. Whether you walk on the several-hundred-year-old cobblestone roads in the Castle Hill area or you blend in with the locals in the inner city, you’re certain to feel the unique atmosphere of Budapest. We love our city, so we love introducing it to you when we get the chance.

Budapest sightseeing fees

Our guides are professionals, and consequently, we don’t offer free tours, only as promotion. We sell tour tickets for a reasonable price and do not ask for (or accept) tips from our clients, and we limit the number of participants in each tour to keep quality high.